Growing the Capacity of Teams to Operate & Lead in Uncertainty

"Teams & their leaders are being called on to operate & lead in an environment of continuous innovation, where what is coming next is often uncertain"

Delloitte Human Capital Trends 2019



Many teams and leaders are in the midst of complex and unpredictable challenges. Overwhelm, anxiety and burnout are increasing as the very habits, strategies and ways of working that have enabled past success are proving insufficient in today's level of organisational complexity.

The purpose of the CULTIVATE program is to develop your teams' adaptive capacity to navigate complexity and uncertainty in rapidly changing environments.

By bringing deep awareness to individual and team default habits of working, new ways of sensing, thinking and engaging emerge to harness collective intelligence, unleash potential and drive performance.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Cross-functional, project and program teams responsible for supporting business and organisational strategy

  • Leadership teams wanting greater collective alignment on their vision and strategic and operational imperatives

  • Start-up and fast growing enterprises wanting to build their team's adaptive capacity to lead and operate in fast growth contexts


  • Harness their collective diversity and intelligence when responding to complexity

  • Replace unhealthy ways of working with resourceful ways of sensing, thinking and engaging

  • Develop deeper levels of trust and compassion as an enabler for creativity and innovation

  • Build their capacity to collaborate, engage and influence business stakeholders

  • Build their perspective capacity to make decisions and pivot in uncertain contexts

CULTIVATE Program Framework

As the level of complexity organisations are faced with increases, so too does the need for a framework that supports making sense of complexity. While most personality frameworks focus on modifying existing behaviours or practising new ones, the Enneagram has the unique ability to delve deeper into the subconscious motivations, defences, beliefs and assumptions that significantly limit the potential of individuals and teams working in complex and uncertain environments.

Since behaviour, choices and potential to change are limited by these motivations and assumptions, the unique insights provided by the Enneagram enable deep self-awareness, rich actionable insights and transformation, catalysing sustainable change and adaptability to thrive in uncertainty.

The Integrative Enneagram is a globally utilised evidence-based developmental framework that combines psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to support it's sense-making capacity.

Program content also utilises contemporary evidence-based adult learning frameworks including integral leadership, neurolinguistic programming and polarity integration.

CULTIVATE Program Design

The program is intentionally designed for flexible delivery.  It's purpose is to ensure that the team and individuals are supported continuously and progressively throughout their journey of growth and integration.

Leading from real work issues, the coach build’s the team’s level of awareness, their internal dynamics and ability to converse, ultimately developing the ability to unpack and resolve their own challenges.

Module delivery is flexible as a half-day, full-day format or a combination of both.

Prior to module delivery, briefing conversation's are completed with participants to frame expectations and identify core themes and challenges.

Participants receive an in-depth Professional Integrative Enneagram report and a 90-minute 1:1 coaching conversation. An Integrative Enneagram Team report is also provided to help facilitate deep collective awareness.

Further development and deep self awareness is supported by 1:1 coaching, online resources and experiential practices to facilitate ongoing integration of learnings.

An outline of the six modules is as follows with more detail highlighted in the brochure which can be downloaded below:

Module 1:   Deepening Self-Awareness

Module 2:   Leveraging Diversity

Module 3:   Deepening Collective Awareness

Module 4:   Releasing Unresourceful Habits

Module 5:   Engaging New Ways of Working

Module 6:   Building Perspective Capacity


$1,950 + GST per person


  • Briefing conversation per participant

  • Detailed 42-page Professional Individual Integrative Enneagram report per participant

  • Detailed 20-page Team Integrative Enneagram report

  • 90-minute 1:1 coaching conversation per participant

  • 6 intensive workshop modules of 3 hours each, incorporating group coaching that leads from real work issues

  • Online resources and experiential practices 

Optional Coaching Package $1,350 + GST per person

Highly recommended to facilitate further awareness and ongoing integration of learnings

  •  3 x 60-minute 1:1 developmental coaching conversations to accelerate individual development and integrate learnings.