Developing Parents as Leaders in Career & Family

We bring our best intentions into our relationships and parenting yet the uncertainty of raising a child together with juggling competing family and work commitments can feel overwhelming. 

Red Leaf Studio offers a developmental coaching framework that applies to any stage of your parenting journey.  Emphasis is placed on self-leadership as the difference that makes the difference to your parenting, career and relationships


Sustainable Outcomes

  • Navigate parenting and return-to-work transitions with confidence

  • Clarity on what's keeping you stuck in your big parenting challenges and how to get unstuck

  • Get back time and energy by creating healthy boundaries

  • Communicate and respond to challenges resourcefully

  • Manage conflict positively

  • Have courageous conversations with confidence

  • Relate with and role model emotional and mindset resilience 

  • Renewed confidence to back yourself, your choices and actions

Program Delivery

4 or 6 session cycles over a 3 to 6 month period, with 60-minute coaching conversations delivered on a fortnightly basis. Clients often benefit from 2 or more cycles.

One-on-one coaching conversations and practises are delivered to an agreed theme which is integrated throughout coaching sessions and cycles

Each coaching conversation will reveal blind-spots to bring new insights, awareness and realisations, providing the impetus for sustainable behavioural transformation.

Who Will Benefit?

✓ Parents wanting to navigate the return-to-work transition with confidence 
✓ Parents wanting a more sustainable and meaningful work-family rhythm
✓ Parents wanting to be the role model that grows resilient and thriving kids


Developmental Coaching Lenses

The developmental coaching framework incorporates a variety of lenses that provide an objective measurement of a parent's current way of being, facilitating an awareness of their thinking, sense of self and behaviours to bring about sustainable transformational change.



The integrative Enneagram personality profile offers insight into a parent’s current motivations, self-limiting beliefs and their implications for communication and conflict, influencing and decision-making, and relating. This creates the potential for intentional and accelerated sustainable development.


Integral Framework

An Integral framework helps parents develop the capacity to see themselves and the environment from a broader and deeper perspective, thereby harnessing a more effective, conscious and sustainable way of parenting.  With emphasis on leading self, parents accelerate their ability to build meaningful relationships and navigate the uncertainty of parenting with confidence.