Discovery Circles

Small Group Coaching & Mentoring

Discovery Circles are a great way to begin your self-development journey, since they offer powerful insight and awareness through collective dialogue and deep exploration of issues.  Self-development and continuous learning occurs amongst peers in a collaborative and experiential environment.

Each Discovery Circle session is facilitated to a specific theme and supported by contemporary evidence-based frameworks and experiential practices.  Frameworks utilised include the Enneagram, adult vertical development, neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology and neuroscience.

How do the Discovery Circles Work?

Groups of up to 8 participants meet monthly for 2.5 hours to explore specific themes relating to their personal and professional development.  Groups begin with one cycle consisting of 6 discovery circle sessions, each of 2.5 hours’ duration. They can access additional cycles which will build upon learnings from previous cycles.

Themes explored during the Discovery Circles include:

  • Deepening self-awareness to current default beliefs and assumptions that drive your way of working and relating

  • Leveraging your gifts and strengths to find more resourceful ways of sensing, thinking and engaging

  • Learning how to leverage the diversity and gifts of others

  • Listening to learn and influence with impact

  • Developing trust and compassion for self and others

  • Developing your decision-making capacity when facing uncertainty

  • Managing conflict positively in relating and performing

  • Developing your capacity to adapt to different relating styles

  • Identifying individual stress points that limit performance

  • Harnessing your personal power to collaborate and engage others

Online resources and experiential practices are provided between sessions to facilitate ongoing self-awareness and integration of learnings.

Discovery Circles are available for a maximum of 10 people per circle, and are delivered face-to-face, in-house within the Sydney CBD and metropolitan area.

Investment:  $6,600 incl GST per Discovery Circle Cycle.