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LIVE Online Workshop via Zoom

Explore Yourself & Free Yourself LIVE ONLINE Enneagram Workshop PART 1: May 17. PART 2: May 24, 9.30am to 12.30pm

Are you intrigued to explore why you think and act in certain ways? How you show up in relation with others and the world around you? When fear and anxiety seek to overwhelm you, do you understand why? Do you ever ask yourself ‘who am I’? Well, who do you take yourself to be? Want some answers?

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Explore Yourself & Free Yourself LIVE ONLINE Enneagram Workshop PART 1: May 17. PART 2: May 24, 9.30am to 12.30pm

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17 May 2020, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm AEST

LIVE Online Workshop via Zoom

About the event


Two Part Interactive Online Series Featuring the Wisdom of the Enneagram - Yoga – Coaching – Meditation  – Awakening 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle 

Are you intrigued to explore why you think and act in certain ways?  How you show up in relation with others and the world around you?  When fear and anxiety seek to overwhelm you, do you understand why?  Do you ever ask yourself ‘who am I’?  Well, who is this sense of self that you take yourself to be?  Would you like some answers?  Are you ready to EXPLORE yourself?  And at the same time, to FREE yourself?  


A two part online Journey woven with nurturing flow yoga, healing yin yoga, developmental coaching, facilitated conversation, Enneagram experiential workshops, meditation, pranayama, and relaxation. 

Begin your journey to Freedom with us on this two part online series which is both reflective and awakening. Join us to explore yourself and free yourself using the wisdom of the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is a map of human nature experienced through nine distinct personality types that describe how we think, feel, act and how we stand in relation with the world and others. 


Your exploration and discovery will be an experience of reflection and inquiry through shared narrative and dialogue, meditation and yoga.



Two sessions of 3- hours each, featuring  scheduled activities created live from stunning Kodama Retreat, including:  

• 2 x Yoga classes – 30 mins gentle flow, held LIVE from Kodama retreat studio, nestled deep in nature  

• Guided meditations  • Transformational coaching workshops and facilitation 

• NB: Each Guest receives a retreat ‘Explore Yourself & Free Yourself - Enneagram" workbook to complete during the workshops  

• 1 x Closing Ceremony, where we create a powerful space to take the workshop learnings forward and apply to our Lives



SERIES ONE FLOW – Sunday May 10th  

10.00am Welcome, Rules of Engagement, Introductions and Grounding Meditation 

10.20am The Wisdom of the Enneagram  

10.35am Understanding Your Enneagram Type and others Experiential session to dive in and explore each of the 9 types 

11.15am Gentle Yoga Flow – ‘Explore Yourself’ 

11.40am Exploring our relationship with Uncertainty 

12.20pm Summary and Close  

SERIES TWO FLOW – Sunday May 17th  

10.00am Welcome, Refresher and Grounding Meditation 

10.15am Enneagram Sense of Self, Focus and Fear Exploration 

11.00am Gentle Flow Yoga 

11.25am Exploring our relationship with conflict 

11.50 Enneagram type integration and growth opportunity  

12.20pm Summary and Close 


"Thank you Louise and Anne for a beautifully and skilfully facilitated day, full of calm reflection, challenging insights and wonderful epiphanies. All wrapped up in a beautiful hug of meditation, yin yoga, essential oils and kind, respectful non judgmental participants who shared so openly and honestly. The day has been a gentle walk into me. I discovered hidden parts of myself without judgement. I learnt so much about other types of people and their personalities. I will now be able to say 'no' instead of 'yes' and will be able to face conflict. Thank you all for a fabulous day." 

Wendy Ballard, 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee 


"Life changing - is how I would describe the One Day Enneagram Retreat 'Explore yourself & Free yourself. I've doubted myself for a long time and this is the start of a new me and a new understanding of myself. I now have CLARITY on who, what, why I am who I am. I also feel COURAGEOUS and speaking up in the group gave me confidence."  

Con Mitsou - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee  

"A safe and enlightening journey on the road to further understanding and growth. I now have tools to take with me to integrate into my life and relationships. I now recognise that my fear of conflict can mess with my equilibrium and authenticity. I also see that my inability to say 'no' leads to an unhealthy unbalanced me that impacts those around me. Thank you for the Enneagram teachings."  

Kerry Bower - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee  

"A great self-exploratory day away from chaos. The retreat day was full of easy to understand information on the Enneagram personality types. I learnt more about the reasoning behind my thoughts. As I start to understand more about my inner world, I start to heal and grow. " 

Jessica O'Meara - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee 


"I am now aware of the hidden aspects of my personality. The more aware I become of myself, the more I grow. 'Explore yourself and Free yourself' retreat was a journey into self and others to learn and embrace how to be our authentic selves. I learnt how to work on my strengths and turn my weaknesses into strengths.  The day retreat showed me how to see these qualities in others and how to communicate with others effectively. I now see that we're all not very different, and that we're all experiencing a battle inside, so kindness is key."  

Michael Edwards - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee  

"The day retreat was a great tool for personal insight and for opening into deep group sharing and discussion. I have been reminded to look after myself and be true to myself. I also feel more compassion for others from this experience in understanding we all have different personality types "  

Rebecca Caine - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee  


• Your inner motivation that informs your sense of self 

• The unique gifts that you bring to yourself, others and the world 

• See what has been unseen for you, hidden from your conscious awareness, ready to awaken you to your true potential 

• Understand your trigger points, how you react to challenges and the habituated thinking patterns that limit your potential 

• How you show up in relation with others 


• A deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding 

• An understanding of what drives your fear and anxiety and therefore how to free yourself from it. 

• Greater flexibility and choice in how you respond to challenges and triggers 

• Practices for integrating your learnings 

• Deeper self-compassion 


• Bring your curiosity, open-mindedness, sense of fun, and your yoga mat ☺ 


By Donation- choose the one that's right for you :)

$75 ticket 

$50 ticket

$35 ticket

In addition all attendees to complete the online Enneagram test and bring their result with them to the workshop. Priced at $12USD.  Link here - please complete this version as most accurate. 


Louise Walker 

Louise is the founder and owner of and based on the Central Coast at Kodama Retreat  

As a Developmental and Meta Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Louise offers transformational coaching programs, in which she empowers her clients to embrace change and transform their lives, as they identify what's holding them back from living their highest potential. 


Louise is also an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, specialising in running unique, 'Immersion Retreats' in Australia and overseas. She's passionate about creating unforgettable retreat experiences involving coaching, yoga and meditation that heal and transform guests. 

Anne Cotterell 

Anne is the founder of Red Leaf Studio – Developmental coaching and facilitation 

As a Developmental Coach, Integrative Enneagram Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner, Anne helps people cultivate their capacity for generative transformation. By committing to our own self-development and evolving our inner game of meaning making, we expand our perspective, access our potential and create a way of being that facilitates generative transformation in others.  

Combined with her extensive commercial and executive leadership experience spanning over 20 years Anne  uses contemporary evidence-based developmental frameworks to create a unique developmental coaching experience that facilitates a shift from the inside-out in attitude, thought and action 

Anne fully support clients and holds a space for self-expression and exploration.  She will challenge you to be more, to own your power and transform your potential into reality. 





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