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The Inner Work Of Parenting: Waking Up & Growing Up

FREE Interactive Online Mini-Series



It’s the world’s most responsible role – raising and shaping our future generation.  These days the contexts in which we raise a family are incredibly diverse. We live in a fast-paced world with competing demands and uncertainty, where the pressure to live up to our own expectations as a parent and partner, let alone those of others, can feel overwhelming.

Our way of being as parents and partners becomes the learning model by which our children formulate their own communication and behavior, their internal sense of self and how they relate to others and the world around them.

“Once a human has arrived on earth, communication is the largest single factor determining what kinds of relationships he or she makes and what happens to each in the world”

Virginia Satir, Family Therapy Pioneer

Consciously developing your child’s humanity starts with you. The greatest asset you can bring to your parenting and relating is your own self-awareness – continuously and consciously growing yourself as an adult human being. We all have the resources to consciously parent and partner, we just need to learn how to access these.


This series of Free Interactive Online Parenting Sessions mini-workshops delivered in 30-minute vignettes monthly.   They are designed to bring initial self-awareness to your current parenting and relating style, and are a taster for deeper interactive content provided in our deep-dive parenting workshop and group coaching series.  These sessions will ground and guide you with compassion to discover your power within, and access your greatest potential as a parent and partner.

Each session will be facilitated to a theme and supported by contemporary evidence-based frameworks and experiential practices.  Frameworks utilised include the Enneagram, adult vertical development, neurolinguistic programing, positive psychology and neuroscience.

Some of what you will walk away with by attending these 30-minute mini-workshop series includes

  • A deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding of what drives and limits your potential

  • Practices to integrate more resourceful ways of sensing thinking and engaging

  • Greater emotional intelligence capacity and ability to self-regulate your state

  • Greater flexibility and choice in how you respond to challenges and triggers

  • Listening to learn, connect and engage

  • Harnessing conflict positively in relating and communicating

  • Understanding your relationship with control and learning to let go

Who Will Benefit?

  • Parents and carers wanting to bring a more resourceful way of being to their parenting & relating

  • Expecting couples wanting to develop greater self-awareness and transparency in their relating and parenting

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