Purposeful Parenting Program

A program for parents wanting to move from just surviving to thriving. By creating a sustainable family-work rhythm and accessing their own strengths and resources, parents can navigate uncertainty to thrive in career, family and relationships.

Be the role-model that grows both your career, and your kids

A combination of flexible self-paced learning and one-on-one coaching



When you thrive as a parent you thrive in the workplace.

The Purposeful Parenting Program is all about supporting you to navigate ongoing uncertainty and transitions confidently and effectively so you can thrive in career and family.


  • Clarity on where you are now, where you want to be and what's getting in the way of you thriving.

  • Create a roadmap for sustainable change by aligning your personal and professional goals, priorities and values

  • Connect with self to discover what drives and limits your potential so you can access your strengths and confidently show up as you

  • Access more choice and resourcefulness when responding to challenges and triggers

  • Claim your 4 super-powers to respect your boundaries and create more time and energy for you

  • Cultivate and strengthen relationships using the 5 perspectives framework to manage conflict positively

  • Engage a confident, calm and resilient mindset amidst change and uncertainty

What's Included in the Program

  • A program designed to support your busy schedule

  • A combination of flexible self-paced learning and one-on-one professional coaching

  • Toolkit of resources and practices to help you gain clarity, prioritise and navigate change with confidence and calm

  • Workbook and personal journal

  • Work-life well-being audit

  • Professional Enneagram Personality Profile

  • Facilitated by a professionally accredited developmental coach and facilitator with experience in both parenting and executive leadership

About You

You're experiencing one of life’s most meaningful and complex journeys - raising your child. Navigating parenting, career and relationships is what challenges and grows you beyond anything you’ve imagined.

Are you faced with competing demands and uncertainty? Is trying to sustain the constant juggle between family and work challenging you? Has you forgetting your own needs and self-care? Do feelings of guilt and judgement arise in you when you try to live up to your own expectations of parenting and work?

You really want to thrive both as a parent and a professional, you just need a sustainable roadmap and rhythm. Something that is more aligned with your career aspirations, instead of you feeling left behind. Something that supports you to let go of being everything for everyone, that enables you to parent and lead with confidence, resourcefulness and healthy responsibility.

You have all the resources to thrive in parenting and work, what matters most is what you do about learning to access them.

How We Work Together

Essentially what I've done is taken the best of everything I've learnt in my many years of leading, coaching and mentoring working parents and condensed it into a 6-step framework that will have you creating and making choices that bring out the best version of you in parenting and career.

Any of these 6-steps can make a big difference. My experience is that at least one of these 6-steps will resonate and stand out as the big opportunity for you specifically.

Purposeful Parenting is an intensive 12-week program consisting of fortnightly one-on-one coaching and a comprehensive self-paced learning course covering the 6-step framework. You'll get a toolkit of practices and resources to help you integrate the skills and mindset required to thrive in parenting and work.

In my experience the one thing that delivers successful results is absolute accountability and commitment to create the change you want. Creating new choices and change can feel overwhelming, especially when you're unsure of the next step. That's why I work closely with you and provide one-on-one coaching so you can get the outcomes you need.

Program Outline

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Program Investment

An investment in you, your family and career

2200 AUD incl GST

To register for the Purposeful Parenting Program I offer all potential participants a complimentary 30-minute discovery session, to really understand your challenges, frustrations and aspirations . If we're a good fit, I'll show you how we get started.



Supporting Parents to Move From Just Surviving to Thriving in Family and Career


Purposeful Parenting Program

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