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Accredited Enneagram Profiling

The Integrative Enneagram profile gives individuals and teams powerful insights into their current motivations, limiting beliefs and assumptions, highlighting their implications for communication and conflict, leadership and decision-making, and team behaviour. This creates the potential for intentional and accelerated sustainable development in individuals, teams and organisations.


The Integrative Enneagram (IEQ9) Questionnaire

The iEQ9 is the only personality profiling framework of its kind. It is sophisticated in the way it separately measures the Centre of Expression, Enneagram Type profile, Wings influence, 27 Instinctual Subtypes, Level of Integration and covers 6 Dimensions of Stress and Strain. The tool and report provide layers of depth, allowing for nuanced insights and long-term mining of insights and development possibilities.

Highly Accurate (95%)

Like all self-report questionnaires, there is an element of subjectivity involved in respondent results. To ensure that results are as reliable as possible, the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire has built in reliability measures relating to consistency, honesty and time. Client feedback is that the iEQ9 is a revolutionary assessment tool which is very reliable and highly accurate. Integrative regularly reviews questionnaire items and continues to improve accuracy.

Professional IEQ9 Reports for Individuals

Integrative reports are comprehensive, detailed, insightful and reflect the nuances of the person beyond their main Enneagram style. The report is multi-layered, facilitating deep self-awareness (insight into strengths, challenges, blind spots, core fears, goals) and a deep understanding of why we do what we do. This awareness often creates a need for change and these pragmatic reports in conjunction with coaching give individualised, useful and clear suggestions of development strategies and pathways for growth and transformation.

Professional IEQ9 Reports for Teams

Teams are fundamental to performance in most organisations today, and yet remain difficult to understand, align and develop. Teamwork and collaboration challenge our organisations and individual employees, requiring greater awareness of themselves and how they engage with others in teams.

The Integrative Enneagram Team Report reflects insights and data to support teams in a shared journey of discovery and improvement. Whether they are familiar with the Enneagram or new to the framework, this report offers a springboard for growing interpersonal and team awareness, tapping into team gifts at a deep level and, ultimately, enabling teams to express their purpose and potential fully.

The Team Enneagram Report

  • highlights potential areas of friction in the team and the underlying patterns or assumptions. It helps teams understand their social and conflict styles and develop processes to harness healthy conflict as a driver of performance, not a barrier.

  • invites the team to value and support the unique contribution of each member.

  • enabling and empowers teams to engage in better problem-solving over time.