Leadership Development
Individual Coaching Programs

Professional Young Woman

8 Week Individual Developmental Coaching Program

✓4 x 60-minute coaching conversations

✓ Enneagram professional development profile​

✓ Pre-coaching self-review

✓ 1:1 support between scheduled sessions

✓ Proven evidence-based tools and practices bespoke to development needs

12 Week Individual Developmental Coaching Program

✓ 6 x 60-minute coaching conversations
✓ Enneagram Professional Development Profile
✓ Pre-coaching self-review
✓ 1:1 support between scheduled sessions
✓ Proven evidence-based tools and practices bespoke to development needs

360 Leadership Circle Profile and Developmental Coaching Program

✓ 60-minute briefing conversation
✓ 360 LCP assessment
✓ Enneagram Professional Development Profile
✓ 90-minute debriefing conversation
✓ 4 x 60-minute coaching conversations
✓ 1:1 support between scheduled sessions
✓Proven evidence-based tools and practices bespoke to development needs

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Briana Kish
Senior Creative Manager

“Anne is an excellent leadership coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to develop a more authentic leadership style and greater self-awareness. She is warm and direct with an ability to help you identify a clear pathway to operating from a more creative space.”

Catherine Zaharias
Director, Pay Brands

I had the pleasure of working with Anne recently with the ambition to gain more awareness and insight into my leadership style/skills to identify growth areas.  Anne challenged my beliefs in all the right ways and helped me to unlock a few 'light bulb' moments that have led to significant personal and professional growth. Anne was always open and approachable and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend working with Anne if you are looking to grow yourself as an inspiring and strategic leader.

Kate Sowden
National Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Working with Anne has been a truly valuable experience. She has come to know my character, my strengths and my weaknesses in such a way that our sessions are focused on things I need to see or consider to move forward or overcome limiting thought patterns. It’s not always comfortable, but I have seen myself in new ways that has allowed for growth past my preconceived understanding of who I am and what I’m capable of. I would recommend Anne to anyone seeking career or life coaching.

Kelly Samson
Business Owner

Coaching with Anne is an amazing experience of self-discovery, creating new insights and clarity. Anne has a wonderful ability to easily peel back the layers to uncover the true cause of the issue that is truly powerful. With these insights I am stepping forward through what were once old fears with new confidence, ease and excitement. This level and depth of coaching is rare to find and I fully recommend Anne and her coaching programmes to anyone who wants to take up the challenge of being their true self and achieving their big (scary) dreams.

Emma Potts
Senior Operations Manager

Anne is a truly empathetic coach and helped me identify a blind spot that was causing me internal conflict. She challenged me, hard, and kept me accountable to focusing on developing myself in a way that would make the biggest impact in my life. I would recommend Anne if you are looking for a coach that will help you on your journey to being the best version of you.

Rani Peluso
Project Consultant

I would recommend Anne, she is a highly intuitive leadership, career, and personal coach with great courage to have difficult conversations with sensitivity. Having had several coaching conversations with Anne it has helped me clarify my career direction by highlighting my strengths and transferable skills. Through this journey there have also been some personal aha-moments raising self-awareness in areas I need to develop and address further, I continue to work with Anne to master these. I feel that it is a great privilege to work with Anne, I know a lot of coaches and very few could achieve the results Anne does so quickly! She has a powerful yet gentle style.