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Embracing the Power of Imperfection
Thu, Jul 23
FREE Online Mini-Workshop
Jul 23, 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM GMT+10
FREE Online Mini-Workshop
FREE Mini-Workshop Learn: - What is perfectionism and how to identify it. - When striving is healthy and when it isn’t - Why letting go of our need for external validation is key to embracing imperfection - Why embracing mistakes as learning opportunities is a game changer in work and parenting
Parenting & Communicating with Emotional Awareness
Thu, Jul 02
FREE Online Mini-Workshop
Jul 02, 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM GMT+10
FREE Online Mini-Workshop
FREE Online Mini-Workshop learn: The importance of communicating with emotional awareness How to bring understanding and acceptance to your emotional state How to access more resourceful parenting states, even in the most trying times How your emotional awareness can support your child's development

What Participants are Saying


"A great self-exploratory day away from chaos. The retreat day was full of easy to understand information on the Enneagram personality types. I learnt more about the reasoning behind my thoughts. As I start to understand more about my inner world, I start to heal and grow."

Jessica O'Meara - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee

"The day retreat was a great tool for personal insight and for opening into deep group sharing and discussion. I have been reminded to look after myself and be true to myself. I also feel more compassion for others from this experience in understanding we all have different personality types."

Rebecca Caine - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee

"A safe and enlightening journey on the road to further understanding and growth. I now have tools to take with me to integrate into my life and relationships. I now recognise that my fear of conflict can mess with my equilibrium and authenticity. I also see that my inability to say 'no' leads to an unhealthy unbalanced me that impacts those around me. Thank you for the Enneagram teachings."

Kerry Bower - 'Explore Yourself & Free Yourself' 2019 attendee

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